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Diagnostic imaging is one of the most important clinical tools available to physicians and patients. However, a growing number of studies have shown that a high proportion of the studies that are performed are not clinically appropriate. At an average cost per test of $500 to $700 for Medicare members and $600 to $900 for commercial health plan members, the costs of inappropriate imaging are staggering.

With over 20 years of experience, AIM adds value to health plans, consumers and healthcare providers through an unparalleled focused on:

  • Improving the clinical appropriateness of Radiology services through the application of evidence-based guidelines in an efficient and effective review process.
  • Maximizing a health plan’s network value through a wide range of solutions including provider assessment tools, cost and quality transparency and reporting.
  • Engaging consumers in understanding the range of choices they have in selecting among diagnostic imaging providers and increasing their ability to make informed decisions.

Health plans leveraging AIM’s Radiology Solution have achieved and are sustaining a 10-20% utilization advantage over unmanaged populations while maintaining 97% provider satisfaction scores in their markets.

AIM’s Radiology Solution currently covers 32 million members in all 50 states.